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Singapore Singer-Songwriter Nic Chen Releases Anthem "Rise Up" on 24 November 2023 - A Powerful Ode to Every Woman's Journey

24 November 2023 - Singapore's budding singer-songwriter, Nic Chen, unveils her latest masterpiece, "Rise Up," a poignant tribute to the multifaceted roles of women. This release culminates her “Celebrating Women” series, building upon earlier hits like “Nothing but You,” “Letting Go,” and “Living for You”.

"Rise Up" isn't just a song; it's a movement. It encapsulates the essence of womanhood, celebrating the strength, resilience, and grace of every woman. Through her lyrics, Nicole paints a vivid picture of the challenges women face, urging them to embrace every facet of their identity.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Nicole shares, "As women, we often juggle myriad roles, and it's easy to become our own harshest critics. 'Rise Up' is my call to every woman to embrace herself, to fill her own cup first, and to stand tall in her unique beauty and strength."

The chorus of "Rise Up" resonates with a message of self-love and acceptance:

“Stand tall and rise up,

I allow myself to just be.

I’ll let the world see me as I am.

I’ll embrace my skin and story,

All these different parts of me,

are a work of art.”

As the song crescendos, listeners are taken on a journey of empowerment, self-discovery, and celebration. Nicole's hope is that "Rise Up" becomes an anthem for women worldwide, reminding them of their worth and inspiring them to love and appreciate themselves unconditionally.

In closing, Nicole expresses her gratitude, "To every woman listening, this song is your anthem. To my listeners, thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery."

"Rise Up" is now available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

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