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Nothing but you

Singaporean Singer-Songwriter Nic Chen Releases New Intimate Single “Nothing but you” on 14 April 2023

14 April 2023 - Following the release of her last single “Stepping Away” in November 2022, Singaporean singer-songwriter and author Nic Chen returns with a deeply personal song titled “Nothing but you” that is available worldwide on all digital platforms. 

With “Nothing but you,” Nicole opens her heart and invites us into her emotions, sharing everything that she has learnt about love. Says Nicole, “The journey of writing this song was particularly memorable because I wanted my first love song to be different from the love songs out there… and so I dug deep and wrote about what I believe love truly is. You see, love- it’s not about trying to complete someone- love is the coming together of two whole individuals wanting the best for one another. Love lifts you up, strengthens you and makes you want to be better. I’ve learnt that the combination of admiration and respect is what will keep the love ignited.”

One of her favourite phrases in the song is:

“I’ll admire you for the person you are,

your smile, your heart,

and your love for life,

I’ll admire you for the person you will become.”

… because love is a continuous process of learning and accepting each other’s transformation over time.

Nicole adds, “I hope ‘Nothing but you’ holds as much meaning to you as it does for me.”

“Nothing but you” is a pivotal part of Nicole’s grand musical narrative, which is inspired by the theme of “Celebrating Women” and the profound roles they play in life.

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