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Letting Go

Singaporean Singer-Songwriter Nic Chen Releases New Heartfelt Single “Letting Go” on

21 July 2023

21 July 2023 - Following the release of her last single “Nothing but you” in April 2023, Singaporean sing-songwriter Nic Chen returns with a profoundly heartfelt song titled “Letting Go” that is available worldwide on all digital platforms. 

 “Letting Go” is a song Nicole wrote about her personal journey as a mother, adding to the ongoing theme of vulnerability that she conveys through her music.  The lyrics came to her during the pandemic when she faced the struggles of caring for her little angels while juggling work responsibilities. Said Nicole, “I want my angels to know that it’s okay to try and try again until they find their path and what inspires and makes them happy. Whichever path they choose, I want them to know that I’ll always be there… and this is how the song came to be.”

Understanding that a parent’s love is universal, Nicole hopes this song would be a song that parents can dedicate to their little ones to let them know that they are always loved and supported. 

One of Nicole’s favourite verses, which brings a whole new dimension to being a parent, is this revelation:

“I listen to your chitty chats,

you sound just like a little me,

but here’s the thing, my love,

I’m just here to build to a better you.” 

From one parent to another, Nicole hopes this song resonates with her audience as they celebrate and embrace the moments with their little ones.

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