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Living for You

Singapore Singer-Songwriter Nic Chen drops a new tune titled “Living for You” on 22 September 2023

22 September 2023 – Nic Chen dropped a new tune called “Living for You”, which is available across all digital platforms worldwide today. As a singer songwriter and author, Nicole has been setting the world on fire of late as she shares her aspirations through words and songs. This track is an integral piece within Nicole’s larger musical series centered around the theme of “Celebrating Women.”  

“Living for You” is a heartfelt tribute from Nicole to her beloved mother, a glimpse into her innermost thoughts and the words she longs to say. This uplifting song carries a surprising twist, and its catchy yet meaningful lines propels the song to new heights.

Exquisitely arranged and nestled around a laidback groove, the 70s influenced sax and strong guitar work blends Nicole’s reflective journey as a daughter. Nicole explains, “This song carries a deeper message of love, sacrifice and gratitude to my mother and to all mothers. It’s not easy being a mum, with all the sacrifices that you have to make. Yet no one tells you about them until you are one. And even if they did… it’s hard to understand. To all mothers, this song is for you. To my mum, thank you for everything.”

The part of the verse that stands out most to Nicole is this ~

“I hope that I’ve made you proud,

I’ve finally found my place,

and all that makes my heart race.

It’s time you start living…

Living for you.”

From one parent to another, Nicole hopes this song would resonate with her audience as they celebrate and embrace the moments with their little ones. 

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