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“I feel in the depths of my heart that my calling is to create and contribute more positivity, beauty and faith to the world we live in.

Whatever hat that I’m wearing, whether it is a songwriter, singer, author or painter, I create with this bigger purpose in mind and I’m very grateful to be able to share this piece of me with you.”

Nic Chen

Nic Chen is an explorer at heart, always seeking out new insights and discoveries. She is passionate about sharing these treasures with the world through the universal languages of music, books, and art. Her mission is to connect with others and inspire them through reminders of optimism and hope. Nicole is driven by the thought of bringing a warm glow and smile to someone halfway around the globe, regardless of distance, differences, or time.

To Nicole, music is much more than mere melody - it's a powerful tool that can heal, inspire, connect, and unite. This belief fuels her passion for crafting songs that encapsulate her experiences and insights. Nicole is driven by the transformative potential of music; she envisions that a single heart, profoundly moved by her music, has the capacity to positively impact lives in ways beyond what one can imagine. 

In 2024, Nicole embarks on a significant journey as she explores the complex layers of love, ranging from the expansive, universal love that connects us to the world, to the intimate, personal bonds between individuals. Nicole believes that love is the driving force that will allow us to create a more fulfilling inner world and a harmonious, compassionate outer world.

Nicole’s passion for creation extends beyond music. As a firm believer that all young minds have immense potential, she ventured into writing children’s books in 2022. Nicole writes stories to motivate and captivate children, bringing across positive messages that will guide them as they grow. 

Beyond creating music and writing books, Nicole enjoys a myriad of other delightful pursuits. The rhythmic beat of drumming, the vibrant strokes of painting, and the invigoration of exercise all serve as outlets for her energy and curiosity.

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